Ops City Kitty

It was time for another cross-faction, cross-linking operation, this time with homogeneous fields, but most of all, it was time for an Ingress get-together!

A plan was put together – picture of a kitten spanning the city. The plan involving two four-layer homogeneous fields for the ears. Made the usual way, these would require sixteen portals each, but by making a triple crossed link, that number was brought down to six!

A Kitty in the City!

At 2pm on Sunday 17 February, eight agents converged on the rendezvous point in Northbridge, Western Australia. The operation began with clearing, and farming whatever keys were still needed for the anchors of the ears of the cat.

To make the blue ear, five Resistance agents attempted an ambitious five simultaneous crossed links. On the very first attempt, three links went through, enough to make the four layers shown!

A triple crossed link!
A triple crossed link!

Four resistance agents then made a field covering the three portals near the middle, and then threw back-links to complete four layers of fields on six portals!

While this was happening, two of the Resistance agents went to support the Enlightened as they made their own triple crossed link and homogeneous field. Their triple crossed link succeeded on the second try!

The Enlightened Triple Crossed Link!

Then, it was quick work to complete the rest of the City Kitty, and convene to a local watering hole for refreshment and celebration.

Congratulations agents 57Cell, BobKeever, CarelessComms, LittleKehua, octarine, OrangeKeeper, scyrma, thestarfigment, and a special thanks to nzcoops who suggested the name for the op!

Go team!
Go team!

The crossed links in City Kitty’s ears show up beautifully in Ingress Prime:

Ingress Prime City Kitty!

A YouTube video featuring City Kitty premieres on February 23. You can watch it right here:

2 Replies to “Ops City Kitty”

  1. Hi Agent 57Cell. Saw your video on Youtube and was amazed with the cross-links. I wanted to know the best way to make sure that the cross-links will get through. Also have you done this in Ingress Prime?

    1. Anything you can do to get the timing precise will help!

      On this op we tried two sets of triple-cross links. For the first, we actually attempted five simultaneous links – on the first try, three links went though, and we called that a success. So one trick is to attempt more links than you need.

      for the second set of three, there were only 3 agents throwing, we were all sitting right next to each other. I counted down “one and two and three and go!” tapping my knee, so people’s sense of music helped get the timing right. Also, they would hold down the “Confirm” button, and release it on “Go”. We got that triple link in on the second try.

      So, music, redundancy, release the confirm button, and I’ve also found it helps if, when agents get too nervous or excited, to encourage them to take a deep breath before the countdown.

      We have not tried Prime. We’ve done about three attempts of Prime+Redacted, but they didn’t work. There’s no reason I can see why Prime would not work, but we haven’t tried it.

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