Squid Game in Minecraft – Red Light, Green Light

I’ve made a video showing how you can build your very own Red Light, Green Light ‘Squid Games’ death game in Minecraft! Check out the video here:

You can also download the world right here and start playing!

The world is copyright, but licensed under a Creative Commons Sharealike Non-commercial, Attribution license. That means:

  • You’re allowed to copy and modify the world, and share your either the modified or the original version with other people, as long as
    • You don’t charge people for using it, or your modified versions
    • You let people know where they can get the original (ie, link to this page)
    • If you share this world (modified or not), you impose the same restrictions on others.

To summarise:

  • If you just want to play the world? That’s fine!
  • If you want to put it on your server, and have your friends play with you? That’s fine!
  • If you want to make a whole lot of additions and do all that? That’s fine!
  • If you want to charge money for people to use your server: that’s not fine. Contact me and we can arrange something.
  • If you want to share your modified version for free? Just make sure you point people here as well. And let them know that all the same rules apply to your version that applied to this one.

Have fun!