Homogeneous Fielding Videos

Here’s my video series on Homogeneous Fielding:

Part 1 explains what a homogeneous field is:

Homogeneous Fielding Part 1

Part 2 explains a method for building a homogeneous field – how to choose your link order, for example:

Homogeneous Fielding Part 2

Part 3 talks about a successful six-layer Homogeneous Fielding operation, and what we learned from it:

Homogeneous Fielding Part 3

The power to make crossed links in Ingress opens up a new world of possibilities for Homogeneous fielding. I’ve got two videos on this topic.

Part 1 looks at some basic homogeneous fields – essentially, ways to split a single triangle on more than one of the portals it covers:

Crossed Links and Homogeneous Fielding Part 1

Part 2 shows how to use those basic building blocks to make incredibly complex fielding plans, such as a seven-layer field, or a “pure” six layer field with no spare portals:

Crossed Links and Homogeneous Fielding Part 2

And that’s all for now!