Ingress in Minecraft

I’ve made an Ingress-like game in Minecraft!

If you’re stuck in lockdown and desperately need a portal fix, you can download this Minecraft world, get some friends together, load the world, hit the button, and then start battling for control of the world!


  • Up to four factions: blue, green, orange, purple.
  • An infinite grid of beacons (portals), which automatically propagates across the world
  • Capture beacons by climbing (or digging) to their platform, and tapping the button for your team
  • Capture two beacons to link them together, Capture four in a square to claim an area for your colour

I’ve also made a collection of videos explaining how this game was made:

2 Replies to “Ingress in Minecraft”

  1. WOW!
    What a coincidence.
    I want to make a mod about playing ingress in minecraft for my first java project ….
    but now i just finished my study of Java SE…

  2. Hi what clock overlay with seconds do you guys use for cross links.

    I used time and memo but its sometimes a second out as it used the network to get the time and i think this deferrers per agent contract.

    Is it an Atomic one that you guys use?

    thanks for your time , help and inspiration.

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