IITC Plugin: Collocated Portals

Operation Teal Star could only work because we found two portals directly on top of each other. It’s not every place in the world that has such portals. If you’d like to find a pair near you, you might like to use the IITC Plugin I’ve made to do just that!

It’s very basic – it scans the current view for collocated portals, and draws a white circle around any it finds.

You’ll first need IITC, if you don’t already have it.

Once you have IITC installed, you can get the collocated portals from Github:

  • This link to just install the plugin straight away
  • This link if you’d like to inspect the code in Github

When you install the plugin, you’ll need to activate the Collocated portals layer:

Once the layer is activated, it might seem like nothing has changed. Pairs of co-located portals are rare! You can test if the plugin is working by zooming to the location where we did Operation Teal Star.

If you have the plugin installed, and the layer is switched on, the portals City Farm and Cheshire Cat will be highlighted as in the image below – unless Niantic has removed one of them!