❤️ For Christchurch

The world was shocked by the Christchurch Mosque Shootings that occurred on the 15th of March 2019. Many agents in Perth have ties to New Zealand, and so it was decided to make some cross-faction artwork to express our compassion for the land across the Tasman Sea.

And so, on the 24th of March 2019, a group of five agents, directed remotely by Orangekeeper (who also planned out the artwork), converged on the city centre to create a picture of a kiwi, with a large heart at the centre.

No operation goes perfectly according to plan, of course, but the team quickly adapted to each problem with good spirits and enthusiasm. The first issue was one agent, an alleged mathematician, who mixed up “clockwise” and “anticlockwise” and started filling in a part of the field meant for a different team.

A second, more serious problem surfaced soon afterwards – one of the portals in the plan proved extremely difficult to reach. It was clear that making last-minute changes to a kiwi just wouldn’t fly, so the team persisted for forty minutes, circling the portal in laneways, hoping for random drift, until finally the portal was captured, linked and farmed for enough keys to complete the artwork.

Since the resistance team was delayed by this tricksy portal, the enlightened members quickly jumped on the job of key farming for the remainder of the kiwi, and using Adas to prepare key portals, saving invaluable time.

And so, Operation “❤️ for Christchurch” was completed. The agents involved were 57Cell, BobKeever, bluesfemme, LittleKehua, Orangekeeper and Phyerware

New Zealand, we are standing with you in this time of grief. Stay strong.

Homogeneous Fielding Videos

Here’s my video series on Homogeneous Fielding:

Part 1 explains what a homogeneous field is:

Homogeneous Fielding Part 1

Part 2 explains a method for building a homogeneous field – how to choose your link order, for example:

Homogeneous Fielding Part 2

Part 3 talks about a successful six-layer Homogeneous Fielding operation, and what we learned from it:

Homogeneous Fielding Part 3

The power to make crossed links in Ingress opens up a new world of possibilities for Homogeneous fielding. I’ve got two videos on this topic.

Part 1 looks at some basic homogeneous fields – essentially, ways to split a single triangle on more than one of the portals it covers:

Crossed Links and Homogeneous Fielding Part 1

Part 2 shows how to use those basic building blocks to make incredibly complex fielding plans, such as a seven-layer field, or a “pure” six layer field with no spare portals:

Crossed Links and Homogeneous Fielding Part 2

And that’s all for now!