IITC Plugin: Collocated Portals

Operation Teal Star could only work because we found two portals directly on top of each other. It’s not every place in the world that has such portals. If you’d like to find a pair near you, you might like to use the IITC Plugin I’ve made to do just that!

It’s very basic – it scans the current view for collocated portals, and draws a white circle around any it finds.

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First Green H6 : Kiev

This was copied from Google+ before it disappeared

The first ever GREEN 6-layered homogeneous field in Ukraine was built by Kyiv Enlightened agents in the middle of the cold and rainy autumn night of September, 22-23, 2018.
Obviously it was the first ever GREEN 6-layered homogeneous field in the world – in any case, we could not find any other reports of 6-layered made by the Enlightened.
You can read the full report here https://telegra.ph/Kyiv-6-layered-homogeneous-field-09-24

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H6 in Wurzberg, Germany

This was copied from Google+ before it disappeared

+NIA Ops +Anne Beuttenmüller#Ingress#sitrep#homogeneousfields

(German version below)

Sunday August 5th 2018 – Würzburg, Germany
A team of 9 regional players of the Resistance are building successfully a 6-layer homogeneous field (H6) using the same linking system as Tokyo’s team did use for their first H6. This H6 in Würzburg is just the 4th H6 being successfully built – ever. Before there have been built two H6 in Tokyo and one in Perth, Australia – all of them by the Resistance as well.

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5th? H6 in Shizuoka

This was copied from Google+ before it disappeared




During sunrise time at Nishi-yaizu Shizuoka,Sat July 29, 2017, a team of Resistance fanatics finally made up “six stage Bathynomus doederleinii,” hopefully the 4th 6L-GCF (6th level homogeneous field.) in the world. The following reports our story.

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4th Ever H6, First Solo

This was copied from Google+ before it disappeared

The world’s first six-fold homogeneous field by a single agent was accomplished by @Balthildlres in Guangzhou, China.
The action lasted about 8.5 hours, from 20:06 on May 27th to 04:34 the next day.
Also thanks @NanoApe @ArielAxionL @WadeXXX @emonader @EnlightenedMW for designing, hacking keys, distroying crossed links, deploying mods and taking screenshots.

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