Harmony in the City II : The Reharmonising

Well, only a couple of days after HitC was posted, Niantic officially announced the December Glyph Challenge. So the team decided to make the artwork again, on the official Ingress #GlyphChallenge weekend.

I wasn’t able to make it, since I’d just arrived back from overseas. Agent @octarine took over the planning.

For some reason, it was much harder this time to make the four crossed links. It took the team 18 tries, over 3 hours, before they finally went through.

That means, over the two HitC operations, we had two successes at four crossed links in 20 tries – apparently it’s about a 1 in 10 chance.

The super-persistence of the team really paid off! HitC 2 was chosen by Niantic as one of the winners of the December #GlyphChallenge – and the passcode we were given put over 200 items in our inventory!

Congratulations agents! You can see a screenshot and photo below, view an animation of the field progress, or read the original G+ post here.

HitC 2 – the reharmonising!
Congratulations agents!