H6 in Dobrich, Bulgaria

This was copied from Google+ before it disappeared

The Everest in Ingress Fielding

We made it!

On sept. 2. 2018 the resistance did it again.

The next Resistance Homogeneous Field L6 spotted in Dobrich, Bulgaria.

6 layers, 124 portals, 334 fields, 336 links, 9 SouftBankUltraLinks

@EdinDen – planing, keyfarming, linking
@KERBEROSDOG – plan optimizings, keyfarming, linking (+Kalin Dimitrov – KERBEROSDOG)
@Dsarkside – special thanks for the screenshots, that made the video possible 🙂

It took 3 weeks of planing and key farming and 5 hours of linking.

The story:

The first phase: investigating the portal network and choosing the portals the anchors etc. was very very very hard.
We actually didn’t believe it was possible to be made around here with 220 available portals – 124 have to be on the exact location.
So after 3-4 days of drawing and redrawing we managed to connect the dots.
We redraw it so many times – first to be sure it is really a full L6 and then in the planing phase to ensure the optimal paths and links for both agents.

3 weeks later all keys (366 + extra reserves) where stored carefully and separated according to the plan.

22:00 on 1.sept. 2018 – OP started
23:20 the central portal was linked to a nice L5 homogeneous field. Then a error was revealed – our L5 was actually not homogeneous caused by a missed portal (my fault). The L5 anchor has to be destroyed.
The problem – it was already converted blue by an ADA 5 mins ago, so we had to wait 55 mins for the fix. Luckily – the missed portal was close and required keys were in reserves
0:30 on 2.sept. L5 was rebuild – truly homogeneous and we continued.
3:00 4 SoftBank UltaLinks on the last anchor and last 33 outgoing links to get this beautiful 6-layered triangle.

@Dsarkside – great intel screenshots
A real inspiration and knowledge for homogeneous fielding and more +Michael Hartleyhttps://www.youtube.com/user/mike40033/videos
A nice collection of homogeneous and art fielding: https://plus.google.com/collection/wlnaV
video in youtube (better quality): https://youtu.be/Kuh4ChdiYbw