SitRep for op Marshmallow Man : field art with crossed links

SitRep for op Marshmallow Man : field art with crossed links

Believe it or not, crossed links are actually possible in Ingress! Starting October, agents @bluesfemme, @octarine and @57Cell conducted a series of experiments with crossed links, with two goals:

* To do a cross-faction, cross-links field art operation

* To teach everyone else how to do cross-links, and see what amazing pieces of art the community can come up with!

These experiments culminated in operation Marshmallow Man, involving 12 agents, and 11 pairs of crossed links

Congratulations agents @57Cell(R) @bluesfemme(E), @BobKeever(E), @Grubatron(R), @infinitebacon(E), @LittleKehua(R), @MrsSputnik(R), @Nevinator(E), @nzcoops(R), @octarine(R), @rea(R), @SSSputnik(R) and @thestarfigment(E)!

The full situation report, including links to more photos from the experiments, can be found at

A video on how to make crossed links will launch on the 8th of December, at 3pm GMT:

Or, catch the teaser trailer now!

18 Replies to “SitRep for op Marshmallow Man : field art with crossed links”

  1. Nice to see this type of joint effort emerging in a creative way. Would really be awesome if Niantic incorporated cross faction art as one of the ultimate goals in the game!

  2. I’ve done this with fields of the same color before a long time ago but my only question is is it easier or harder with Primes laggy link interface?

  3. This sounds like the feature that allows a link to be made when under a field. There’s a short window of time after a link is made that fields over you where you can continue making links. The window closes when the server and local scanner data get back in sync.

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