Harmony in the City

After Operation Marshmallow Man went so well, we were itching to do another cross-linking operation. We heard a rumour that the December Ingress #GlyphChallenge would be “Harmony” – the perfect glyph for a cross-linking operation. And so, Op Harmony in the City was born!

The plan we cooked up would paint two large “Harmony” glyphs, one in green, one in blue, over the city centre.  The glyphs would overlap, requiring four simultaneous mutually crossing links!

Plan for Harmony in the City
Plan for Harmony in the City

The plan was

  • clear as much as possible of the city centre, turning everything grey
  • capture the southern targets of the four central links
  • three teams would try to make those links, while a fourth team made the southern crossing links
  • then, agents would make their way to the northern portals and make the northern crossing links
  • the red zone would be filled with captured blue and green portals
  • finally, we would make our way to a local pub to celebrate!

Many many keys for the main link targets were collected, since we had no idea how difficult it would be to make four simultaneous links. We also had a backup plan involving crossed links that would only be made in pairs.

We picked Saturday, 8 December, 2018 as the date, and started rolling into the city for a 3pm rendezvous. We smashed, we captured anchors, we were ready for our first crossed links….

It turned we didn’t need our backup plan at all – making multiple crossed links seems to be much easier than we expected!

On our very first attempt, three of the four links went through:

Three simultaneous links
Three simultaneous links

Then, on only our second attempt, we succeeded in making the core of Harmony in the City!

Four Simultaneous Links
Four Simultaneous Links

An Intel log dump showed the four links made at the same time:

Intel Log showing four links
Intel Log showing four links

We were quite amazed and exhilarated that we achieved success so quickly. Perhaps multiple crossing links is far easier than we thought.

After that, we quickly completed the rest of the artwork!

Harmony in the City links
Harmony in the City Intel screenshot

Since the operation took place over two hours in the middle of the city centre, there were multiple occasions when other players popped up on Intel and on the Scanner. We reached out to them, asking them to stop, explaining that we were making some cross-faction artwork. Every one we approached agreed to hold up, despite the ongoing double AP event.

You know who you are, we truly appreciate it. Thank you!

Congratulations to all the agents involved in the operation:


More photos and screenshots can be viewed in this Google Photos album


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