11 Replies to “I figured this community would appreciate this video….”

  1. Tibor Gemes

    I’ve posted this here before, but not this year. I only have one rule for this community, “No Faction Drama”. It’s only about making fields, and having fun. I imagined the colors flipped, and literally laughed.

    Thank you, Michael Hartley. The only thing left out of the video is what happens when they kill portal 1. Maybe you need a “Part 2”? 🙂

  2. Scott Ripley Ah, I havent seen that back then, probably wasn’t even part of the community at that time. And of course repetitio est mater studiorum, so I am happy that it was posted. I always use (or sould I use “used to use”? 😀 ) more complex #MaxAP strategy so this will come handy for me.

  3. Scott Ripley Oh, I see it now suddenly. Sorry, I misunderstood you at first. You meant the perfect linking calculations formula. Yes, I’ve seen it here. I was just referring to it because there was a the question in the video whether or not this is #MaxAP and to prove it is.

  4. Well, that was one of the most helpful tricks I learned for Ingress. Just tested it spontaneously in the field and it worked out beautifully and was so easily to build. What used to be quite complicated is now (nearly) a no-brainer. Thanks!

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