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  1. Look at the region’s being ” atacked ” by democracy … Furthermore cal it the “west” those who have good dictatorship ..yeah dictatorship .. nothing wrong with that … Getting bombed upon and stolen from meaning oil ..off course yeah oil witch those countries use for health edu and to make all fair well in their countries … Ok some need to modernize on some old laws and the treating on women rights ohw and yeah they should bomb the he’ll out of Israel O no wait don’t bomb Israel their not all bad only the ones who were put in charge there by the democrates … No everyone should be getting the same if it in a wheel chair or be it a surgeon … I should be able to do what I love and not get more cuz u are higher educated ..No I should be paid for the love of what I are doinging wait forget getting paid .. Get laid hammerd and give that should be expected when it’s life u want to live

    ONE world one LOVE

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