One Reply to “Ditorus 4D Toroid fly-through cross section”

  1. Mathematicians actually call this beastie a tri-torus.  So i have been told.  This is because it has a surface that is topologically the equal of an x*y*z prism. 

    It is actually a serial comb product of three circles.  Comb product is one of my inventions, representing a repetition of surface.

    In the latest notation, it is (xx)(xo)(xo), or (((ii)i)i).  The first of these is my form of it. 

    Topologically, its surface is identical to that of the tiger, but the tiger ponders both of the axies of one of the circles, ie (xx)(xx)(oo) = ((ii)(ii)).   These are examples of right combs. 

    Both the tri-torus and the tiger have two holes, in the shape of a torus.  This is a profound development in the notion of genus, but one should have seen it coming from the pancake model of holes. 

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