6 Replies to “Tips for solving puzzles like the one I just posted.”

  1. I always go with this approach when I have many numbers to choose from…I usually start with either highest one or lowest one…

    I use smooth draw as the blackboard…..I used my webcam mic to record my voice….n I used camtasia studio……

  2. Just got this email from my sis-in-law : “Thanks! My systematic approach is actually to start from the big numbers ie 8 & 9 as they have limited choices to make up 16. Once I figure out the few choices available, I tried to mix n match with the rest.:p”

    I’m convinced now!

  3. Actually I have been preparing for CAT – common admission test. It has an entire section on aptitude which has similar puzzles. In my coaching classes we were taught this….to start from largest or smallest number.

    CAT is the toughest exam in the world as far as Quantitative aptitude is concerned. I guess you enjoy puzzles. Download some question papers and solve those questions. You would enjoy. I appeared for this exam once…just could not crack it coz anxiety affected my performance. But I love those questions….. http://testfunda.com/ExamPrep/Downloads/PastQuestionPapers.aspx

    Download previous year CAT papers….

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