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  1. That made my head hurt a bit, but maybe that’s just a sign of how tired I am of the election. ┬áRanked choice voting has been introduced in several California cities for local offices and it’s been rather controversial (particularly in the election of Quan as Mayor of Oakland). It is interesting how it gives individual voters more clout.

  2. I’m immensely encouraged you plowed through it at all – that I was able to make the rather technical treatment in Wikipedia halfway accessible. Thinking of doing a Youtube video on it.

  3. You should definitely do a video. I think the topic would lend itself to moving illustrations if you are up to a bit of animation.

    I’m actually quite interested in how the ranked choice voting system works, since there seems to be a growing trend in that direction. Your explanation was much more comprehensible to me than the usual 2 sentence treatment it’s given in the newspaper.

  4. There are lots of ranked choice voting systems – all of them start with voters ranking their choices, and end with ranked candidates. All of them suffer from one of the problems I mention at the end of the post, some of them in truly bizarre ways.

    Thanks for the encouragement! Need to think about the best way to structure the presentation on video…

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