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  1. Haha, actually, I don’t disagree really in theory, and I did watch a rather large piece on our local garbage media about this the other day and thought of our previous conversation.

    As always, and I can’t really budge on it, enters when you don’t have the money to spend. I understand borrowing for investment and the rewards reaped from it, but that excuse fails to make sense once you start putting the debt payback on generations that have not even been born yet. There is a limit. Like I’ve said from the beginning, it is not government’s job to mess with the market outside of common sense regulation…and once they do start it never ends well…because then the corruption is entered.

    As usual, the theory is sound, the reality is not, due to the ever present wild card of the sinful, corrupt human animal.

  2. Hard work and sacrifice (by EVERYONE) can save Europe, and the US, but with todays attitude of entitlement, nobody knows what that means any more…everyone thinks everything is some sort of “human right”…but never considers who has to fund it.

  3. Those that are unemployed are, but those that are employed (at least in the US) are still busy hiding behind their union thug leadership demanding more pay than their contribution is worth, and the wealthiest are not paying equal percentage of income tax thanks to the tax code created by their corrupt friend in gubment…

    People seem to have forgotten the are not entitled to any more compensation than the value of the contribution and if they want more they need to work for it for get a better job…that is the hard work…and the gubment does not create jobs or revenue, it consumes it.

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